Awesome Bracelet Beads And Their Different Meanings

In this article we will find out the types of bracelet beads: what do they mean? All experienced beadwork specialists once did not possess the necessary skills at all, and they gained current knowledge and experience as a result of trial and error and that is why the newcomer in this business should not be afraid to experiment, but it is nevertheless important to know the main nuances in beading. For the manufacture of jewelry from beads, you can choose one of the following methods: plain weaving, knitting, mosaic, weaving, in the cross and column. They bear their names exclusively on the method of positioning the beads themselves.

You can make a bracelet yourself in any way

In order to take up weaving, a beginner should look on the Internet or magazines for the necessary diagrams, which will clearly show the whole process of work. For a start, you should start a simpler weaving, since a more complex bracelet requires great skills and will be beyond the power of a beginner. Having decided on the weaving scheme, pay attention to the step by step instructions for it, which will greatly facilitate your work.

Then, choose to weave beads. For a start, you should choose a manufacturer, and then decide on the rest. So, for example, if you want to make an ornament from square beads, then you should give preference to Japanese manufacturers, and if you like fine beads of rounded shapes, then you can buy Czech ones.

Be sure to choose the size of the beads.

11/0 is a standard size, and the higher the first digit, the smaller the beads. The set of additional tools will be directly dependent on the size of the beads used, which necessarily includes a thread, fishing line and needle. For a large collection lustrous beaded bracelets visit

Bead and Bead Bracelet

To weave baubles from beads, you first need to choose quality materials. Much depends on them. First of all, the beads must be of good quality – the same size and shape. Then the bracelet will turn out neat, without unnecessary bulges and empty seats.

To string beads, you will need a fishing line, for some products you will need elastic. You can take nylon thread, just before work, be sure to check their strength. Also need a needle, it is better to buy a special thin needle for beadwork. Machine for weaving baubles beads significantly simplify the work. It is not necessary to buy such a device in the store; it is easy to make it out of the box by making a hole with a stationery knife.

Bead Baubles for Beginners: Weaving Techniques

There are several techniques of weaving beads. Beginners need to master them to choose the one that they like the most. Mosaic is an old technique, it is easy to master. It is one of the best options for bracelets. Looking carefully at the scheme of baubles from beads in this technique, you will surely be able to repeat it. After the first two rows, the product may begin to curl. It does not need to be afraid, because after a couple of rows it will become much stronger. When studying patterns it is worth considering that the rows are counted diagonally. Work should always start from the bottom up, namely from the left corner.

The bricks are also famous appliances. The appearance of the finished products is a bit like brickwork. Bracelets woven in this way are even more flexible than mosaic ones. The peculiarity is that they are difficult to unravel.

Do not forget that the ranks in this technique should be considered horizontally. Weave from the bottom, from the right corner, and lash from right to left, and the second row, on the contrary, from left to right. The direction needs to be changed constantly. In this technique you can make, for example, such a bracelet.

By the way, it is convenient to use the machine with such weaving. Such bead baubles, the schemes of which are easy to find on the Internet, thanks to the variety of possible patterns, will suit both girls and boys.

At the beginning of weaving, the ends of the threads are tightly fixed in the holes on the machine on both sides. To the extreme thread is tied thread, which is strung beads. At the end of the weaving, the bracelet is first removed from one side and tied on a knot, and then the second side is fixed.

If not a single bead baubles scheme caused you to delight, do not despair. Now on the Internet there are many programs with which you can get a scheme from almost any picture or inscription. Some schemes and programs designed for cross-stitching can also be used in beadwork.

Beads and beads can be picked up in the same color scheme, and you can play on color and textured contrasts, for example, take burgundy transparent beads and matte beige beads. Experiment with the shape: the beads can be rectangular the so-called cutting, and the beads can be oval or in general fantasy lamp work. Beautiful bead bracelets are obtained only when you initially thought out the color scheme of things and did not stint on materials.