Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right to Vote

La Orilla Voting is important no matter where you live. When the time to vote in your country comes, you should take it. However, you must choose carefully who you will vote for and why. You can listen to the watchdogs in politics but always question the sources and think for yourself. 

It Is Basically Every Citizen’s Right

priligy purchase uk For citizens to vote, they have to register. And it should be everyone’s right and choice to do so. This can give people a say in how they want their country to be run. They live in it, so why would they not have a say? You have a say in your own house, do you not?  

There are a few ways you can use your right to vote. You can vote for the party in charge to keep it in power, or if you dislike the ruling party, you can vote for the opposition to put your favorites in charge instead.

One Vote Can Make an Impact on Everyone

There are some examples throughout history as well as even current times when one vote changed the course of the election. For example:


  • In 2016, a Vermont state Senate Democratic primary as well as a Vermont state House seat was determined by a single vote.
  • 2004, an election in Radford for the commonwealth’s attorney was decided by one vote.
  • In 2002, a state House primary in Washington was determined by one vote.


And there are so many examples. So you see, your one vote does count. And could even make history. Maybe not like Abraham Lincoln, but you never know. 

You Become a Role Model for Younger Generations

Another very important aspect of voting is that you would be leading by example. If you go to the voting stations and your children see it, then they will learn to understand the value of it. You can explain to them how important it is, and how it can change the country. Otherwise, all they may hear is “blah, blah, blah.” Seeing is believing. So show them the power of voting by leading by example. 

It Is a Right That Has Been F

ought for Generations

Many people have fought wars, civil wars even, for their chance and right to vote. American citizens were no different, and that is why many people get up in arms about voting. It is something that they view they must do. Maybe due to the people who fought for it in the past? Or to help sort out the future? Either way, voting is very important, and it has a long history behind it.


For example, 1870 was the first year that male African Americans were allowed to vote thanks to the Fifteenth Amendment. This allowed a minority to have their say on who should run the country as well as to make sure that their voices and views were heard. And the voting rights act made sure that racial discrimination was outlawed. It is still very important that the presidential election takes into account all types of people that live in their land.

Voting Is a Privilege

As the previous heading says, the right to vote has always been fought for, and in some countries, it is still being fought for. This can be why many people view voting as a privilege since not everyone is allowed to nor able to do it. Not only due to laws that prohibit certain genders and people from voting but also because they are not citizens in the country they live in.


Yes, not everyone can vote, meaning that they cannot have a say in the election as much as they want to and despite the knowledge they have to make a good decision. You can think that not voting is a bit of a slap in the face to people who cannot vote at all. However, this should not force you to vote. But, do keep in mind that it is a privilege since not every single person in the whole world has it. Yet.

You Speak Out for What and Who You Want

Many people often view the process of voting as non-verbal communication. This means that they have a say as to who they think should run their country or who they think should keep the ruling party in line. That is why votes are secret — people need the freedom to choose who they decide to vote for. This way, they cannot be “bullied” into voting for someone they do not agree with. People can ask you, but you do not have to answer. You have a say in what you want or who you want for the country you are a citizen of without vocalizing it.

Your Vote Matters

Therefore, when you go to the voting station, decide who you want to vote for. But, remember it is your choice to vote for someone or to not vote at all. That is democracy. See you at the voting booth!